by Klairewind

was supposed to write this yesterday but unfortunately the desktop pc finally gave up on me lol so now im typing away on my dad’s “spare” laptop (mind you he likes to buy lots of used gadgets for half the price lol).


yesterday i think i pretty much slept the whole day… slept from 3am-3pm, then woke up for like an hour, then slept again from 4-6… then woke up, had dinner.. mmmmm dinner.. mom cooked lamb chop steaks with mushrooms XD then we had strawberries with cream and creamcheese!! then i went out for a walk and a smoke… long walk at that.. i dont know what i was thinking but i walked from my house to 7eleven just to buy some juice, a half pack of cigs, and to have my celphone loaded for P30. lol probably i was hoping i would be seeing somebody… or something… but i guess it was just my imagination. -___-


when i got home,  tried to revive the desktop but failed, so went to get my brother’s psp to surf facebook a bit then got tired of face book and played tekken6 a bit then finally gave up all together and slept at around 12mn >_<


my day was very productive eh? *insert sarcasm here*