Futago no Yume

by Klairewind

today’s dream was rather strange….


i dreamt i was pregnant… from what i know in the dream i was pregnant for 5months but the “babies” (i had twins! omg) were already kicking in my womb like they want to break free from my belly and rip it open 😐 they kept pressing their hands and faces on my belly so their features kinda like shows up on my belly like a couple of ghosts playing on some curtains >_>…


unsuspectingly, the twins forced themselves out of me >_> they were enclosed in some sac… a wierd looking one o_o i dunno i dont remember much but i know it didnt look like it was normal to have that sac. i panicked a little since i WAS sure enough they were 4 months early to be out of me and i wanted them back in, but then when i saw them… they were already big enough.. BIG babies indeed >_> they probably weigh more than 9kilos each 😐 i had a boy and a girl. everyone around me wasnt really that excited like they were already expecting that i was about to give birth anytime and i was frustrated because i’ve been panicking and they don’t seem to care :|next thing i remember the twins were all dressed up and put on the stroller like two adorable little dolls.


as for the father… in the dream, i was unsure of who the father was.. but when i gave birth to them, i realize who the father was because of the distinct nose they inherited from their dad. but then when i realize who the dad was,  i was still puzzled… because there was possibly no way for me and that person to have any “sexual contact” (no he’s not ghey, it just didnt cross my mind lol) in real life because im just not interested in him.  i even remember saying that he doesnt need to marry me for the kids.. but was hinting that i’d need him to support me a bit with the kids’ expenses haha it was kind of akward though >_>


then i remember taking the kids for a walk on the stroller.. and i had roller skates on LOL XD  and we were sprinting our way through some race track it was fun and weird at the same time >_>


will most likely look this up in the dream dictionary o_o it’s a little disturbing.