Expect The Unexpected

by Klairewind

i dont think im supposed to divulge much details here but anyway *lol*,  i’ll make it “concise”


i am in a state where i need to rediscover myself and find my true path.


there had been a lot of stumbling blocks and false paths that was definitely inevitable for me to find myself, yet, again.


i am slowly overcoming the hurdles of my unclaimed right… making decisions that are never easy and having to leave behind a lot of “what if’s” and “could’ve been’s” or maybe, transforming them into “should be’s”.


i have a responsibility. a responsibility i cannot deny. for every time i run away from it, i will always have to confront it again and eventually, serve it for the common good. it’s a long and almost lonely task… but i have yet to realize i am not alone and there are people with me to help me get through this.


i have to rebuild and find my center… and from that center, i will be made whole. and from being whole i will overflow. and from having to overflow i will gain what i had been seeking all this time.


patience. in which i have to learn it’s essence again.


fortitude.  in which i have to endure.


insight and foresight to guide me into the aether.


*sigh*… abrupt, it is…. or probably the penance of my years of procrastination. >_>