the fifrildi edda (part 1)

by Klairewind

excerpts from an uncompleted story i’ve been trying to make.

i could only write this when i’m totally down.. dunno why though.

this is the very first edda i’ve made.



she stands between the pit of despair and a mirror.


“what do you feel?” asks the caterpillar


“i feel a void eating away at my soul”


“you have two choices to make.will you jump? or will you step inside this mirror?”she inched forward to peek at the hole


“what do you see?” inquires he.

she answered “the absence of light devoured by eternal darkness and sorrow.”she stepped back shivering from the sight.

“turn around and face the mirror.” says he.she did what she was told and was blighted by the sight.


“now tell me, what do you see?”


“the paradise i crave that i can no longer have.”


“you can have it if you want to.” implies he.”you know it’s not even possible for that to happen.”


“why not?” jests he.


“because it was something beyond my control.”


“what do you intend to do now?”


“can i wait around and sit with this pain?”


“you may as you like, but why the delay?”


“i will wait until you are reborn as a butterfly so you can fly me with your wings away from here.”