The Fifrildi Edda (part2)

by Klairewind



in a barren land with gray skies and ashen sands, in the middle of no where lies a stump of a tree where the caterpillar waits with a tiny woman in a gray dress. no one knows how long have they been waiting or what had brought them there but the surreal reality is there in which they do exist.


this is one of the very few conversations that the caterpillar and the woman had as they wait for nothing or something to happen.


“how can you stay in love and yet have a broken heart?” asks the caterpillar to the woman.


“it’s as if you have a mangled leg but still choose to walk on it.” says she.


“how is that even possible? doesn’t that hurt?” inquires he.


“it does… but .. look at it this way.

it’s like a jump on a cliff with the raging waters below

scary yet exhilarating


like a little bird learning how to flap its wings to fly

rising and falling


like a rose dying because of the frost

but blooms again in the spring


…. it is inevitable that we fall in love, get hurt, reject to shun reality. it is how we live, and know we are alive. a cycle that goes on and on no matter how hard we fight against it..”


“that sounds crazy!”


“it is crazy.”


“but i still don’t get it?” says he as he scratches his head in thought.


” it’s not something the mind comprehends, but the heart knows its secrets. we love until it hurts and we hurt until we love….” she then trails off on her words and sheds a tear.


the caterpillar deep in thought looked up and noticed the tear streaming down from the woman’s face. “why do your tears flow, woman?”


“all my love, sorrow, bitterness and happiness reside in this tear.. it holds secrets that words could not utter and the silence that only a few understand.” the woman then lets her tear fall down to the ground and from that tear emerges a tiny bud that blossomed into a flower with hues of deep scarlet and cobalt blue.


amazed and dazed, both the caterpillar and the woman stood in awe as they watch the flower blossom a thousand petals.. withering and blossoming in a blink of an eye and in infinity .