Ramblings of the inner mind – The “Oneness” of All

by Klairewind

People are drawn to you because they need your presence.

And you need their presence as well.

There’s no such thing as “meeting by accident” because the reality in

which we all exist is woven interrelatedly into one fine sheet of fabric.

The more people reject or loathe another person’s existence,

the more they deny their own existence.

Nothing is separate from one another but we are all individuated

to create a unique expression of one that is the ALL.


The oneness of everything is what most of the world never tries to realize.

Humanity feeds on the dirt of each other and spits them again and again on their faces.

It had lived millenias of the Lie of Separation in which

the lie had evolved to become the truth.

So as when the real truth is revealed they would consider it a Lie.

When all is too late to be brought back from the dead

is the only time they will start living as they should have lived for in the first place.