Ramblings of the inner mind – “evil is live spelled backwards”

by Klairewind


Evil is Live spelled backwards.

Evil is a struggle for life which was deprived of them because of their personal label.

Once you have come to understand why a certain being acts the way you consider evil,

you would then realize it is only fighting for what you are also fighting for

— the desire for living existence.




Evil exists because you had created its existence.


Jealousy kills, Envy gives birth.




For centuries, people had sought more of what is forbidden.

And what society forbids is more of what they teach.

Everything they do not understand and/or comprehend is labeled evil.

The more they stifle, the more it resists & promulgates itself.

And when what has been forbidden has been done and sought,

it is more subjected to abuse and maltreatment.

They will always lay the blame on the seekers and never on themselves.