by Klairewind

how long has it been? 

Yes it’s been a month..

i have a lot of posts pending… waiting for me to type in a few more sentences… or maybe paragraphs? >_< *sighs* i just leave the drafts unfinished until i finally forget about them 😐 

writer’s block? possibly. or that’s just an excuse for saying “im too tired to type everything in and too preoccupied to remember what happened.”

i’m such a loser. lol :))

i’ll get around posting a pending entry soon… i hope >_< been busy with “work” and trying to de-stress distract myself from “work” :)) 


“so much to do, so little time” EH PANO KAYA ANO? kung hindi ka sabaw at natunganga eh di sana natapos mo na yung dapat mong tapusin? >_<