Flood of light within the void

by Klairewind

i am nothing but a wandering soul that dwadles and baubles about things that may or may not make sense to you. it does not matter. i only speaketh of the truth that lies within the vast crevices of the void within the light. 

others may call me a fool. others may consider to heed my words and think it twice over. pay attention —  i lay deep within you.. you only need to quiet down and listen to my silence. 

in another way i am nothing but a fool anyway. cast down by the eyes of the society that cannot comprehend my existence. they label me as evil — for things they do not understand, they call. but note that i had always been within you.. and in any case you had always avoided or ignored fearing that i might shed a light to your so loved mundane existence.

afraid of me you are… why? if it’s not so hard to ask? we had always been together — yet grew apart from the constant bickering of people who claim to understand the true path. i will dare not to ask: which is real and which is not real? you already know the answers… it has always been laid out in front of you but for whatever reason you have you had chosen to avert your eyes to another direction.




i only await the day you come back. the day you come home. the day you would finally come to realize: we are one, and all is one with us. good and evil are only labels. everything is all and all is everything.