Soothe my weary soul (part 1)

by Klairewind

i listen to the rain pitter pattering on the rooftop.. savoring the caress of the wind from the electric fan behind my back…

i ponder, lost in thoughts.. i try to recall last night’s dream.. what could it possibly mean?

an old friend, an old lover, a magick ring making my hand ball up into a fist, turning it into red brick stone so i can take flight… copper and jade. a familiar and welcoming scenery of some far away barrio where only a few people reside.. a tree with a swing… we were on the swing together, trying to make the swing go higher…

a small room…  beds lined up to fit the whole room.. cozy sheets… i lay on one, next to the last empty bed on my left… you came and tucked one of the occupants to bed and made sure she was cozy enough.. then you laid down on the bed next to me.. i was facing away from you but you asked me to lay down beside you… you held me close to you in an embrace and held both of my hands… “i miss holding them.. i hope you don’t mind.”


i sit here dazed.. as i look at the computer screen to the bottom right, i’ve just wasted 2 hours trying to remember something that i don’t remember. -___-