Path of the Wyrd – Chapter One: The Fool who enjoys the Ride

Take your feathered cap, adventurer, it’s time to set forth the path of the Fool!

Looking neither left or right, he sets his foot on how the soil leads him to his next destination —  if the road is bumpy, he takes it with ease; if the road is narrow and straight, he glides and struts through with caution and gait; if the road is wide and endless, he trots along enjoying the emptiness of the sights and sounds along with it.

This is an adventure everyone partakes. The road less traveled by many — for in this ride only a few find its elusive meaning.

The road “to be” may look complex and simple at the same time. It depends on how the adventurer looks at it, really. What matters not are the trifles of the many but the mutter of a few. In the quietness of the noise, you hear the guide to the path. In the steadiness of the run, will the destination that you seek will you reach.

Dear traveler, may i remind you, the Wyrd are not often wise — not unless you look deep enough to see the follies from “the rise”. Trivialities are a must though they may not make sense: at the end of the road, you shall see why. 

One may grow tired of traveling the path, but then, it is not a shame to find an Inn to rest the Night. Rest peacefully, dear traveler, for in the morrow you shall wake a new to seek the path once more: with vigor and renewed strength. 

If you lose your way, never look back in disgust and disbelief… instead: Keep moving forward and keep your eyes peeled for the Hermit — his lantern will set a new light for the dark path ahead and his rod a steady guide for your tired feet.

So now go forth and thread the Path of the Wyrd: this is your journey, this is the now! Get your traveling boots and set out to conquer the odds!