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Month: February, 2012

Path of The Wyrd – Chapter Two: The Magical Diversities of A Magician — To Be Who You Wish To Be!

We look back on the journey of the happy and carefree Fool who is always ready to take on the world . Now by chance, he has happened to stumble on a magician down the road… this is his story.

To be or not to be? That is the question that everybody has faced. To mock the wicked, applaud the righteous and comfort the afflicted. If you were in my shoes, what choice will you happen to make?

A magician am I  and magick is all i will ever make and do. From illusions to delusions, from the surreal or maybe just as simple as plain reality — it depends on how one views the common things we encounter everyday. It is not easy to make things complicated and it is not easy to make complicated things as easy as they should be – so what every other man would say.

Let me interest you in my wares: before my table lay an overflowing cup of joy, a steadfast walking stick,  a brandishing sword and a shiny pence of abundance.  Which of these interest you, dear traveler? Is it this overflowing golden cup? With this all your desires and latent emotions come alive into and outburst of song and lament. Or is it this sturdy stick to aid you and guide you to the path in which you are supposed to travel? Perhaps my brandishing sword will come of handy to hack down your woes and fears to reveal the way? Oh! But how about this pretty shiny pence… it may not look much but investing in it will be worth a fortune! So what will it be? mi’lady/sir?

In which life has to offer are a matter of choices and a matter of views — one may get too carried away chasing a dream that is not his own out of the constant bickering of those around him or one may decide to drop everything and live the life he was meant to live.

“The world is cruel!” says he who is always worried about how things will turn out, goes on to control his odds and eventually leads to his own ruin.

“The world is a rainbow!” says he who sees the beauty of a mishap, leads his path to where his soul sets foot  and eventually reaches the pot of gold at the end of the bow.

Sink or swim, breathe or suffer, enjoy or wallow… these are only the few things that men do. Oh what folly! If only they do stop to smell the roses,  soak up the cold drenching rain with a grin, toil and till the earth with hope and fuel their passion to walk and thread the path to Nirvana.

You are your own self, influenced by the memories of the soul, driven by the passion of reaching the Path of the Wyrd. No one can dictate your reason for living, no one can judge your reason for being, no one can gauge your reason for reasoning.  You have all that you need — lest you feel that you are poor of these, you are sadly blind to the truth  of your dream. The ability to change the impossible lies deep within the comprehensive mind of the true magician, the alchemy  formulas to happiness engraved in his soul — none whatsoever or none whosoever can take and tamper with this knowledge within. Follow the path and release the soul!


The Fifrildi Edda (part3)


She stands alone facing the precipice, clutching her shoulders as she watches the vast, empty and violent sea. It is midday, but the sky is overcast with the the darkest shade of ebony clouds. The wind bellowing endlessly as it tosses the waters to and fro the rocky facade in where she stands. Inching slowly to the edge of the cliff, she looks at her hand —  a sliver of the broken Mirror of Dreams. She looks at the piece intently with her sad and teary eyes… she then holds the glass over her heart and said a little prayer.  

Then, with all her might, she throws the glass  to the raging waves below…



down it goes…

She watches the mirror descend in midair, as if in slow motion.. it catches a glimpse of the faint sunlight streaming through a tiny hole in the sky before it was consumed by the deep surging turquoise waters… 

And there she still stands, ever silent,  never moving, only a deep sigh and a tear stricken face to unfurl her constricted bosom… 


Unrequited. (post valentine message)

There are a lot of things i want to write down… but end up not writing them at all. 

So many things i want to tell you, but end up not telling you because i promised that i will not keep an awkward air around you. i value your feelings more than i value mine for you and it’s also because i want to keep things simple rather than make them all complicated. (and i know i had been doing such mistakes from time to time. sorry.)

 In the end, I’m nothing more than just a fool. But I’m still the “happy fool”. I may not be happy all the time though, but i look at the good memories instead of the bad ones, i’d like to see them in a shade of white rather than having to see them in a shade of grey or black — because that’s how i am, that is how i love.  I know i’m not even perfect, but when i do love, i give it my all and i rather choose that person’s happiness over my own. 

“And don’t forget… I’m also just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.”

(What i would like to say to you but rather not, because i know you’d either take it too seriously and take flight or just frown upon me again and shun the whole idea completely.)

Seriously, what’s with me and unrequited love? 😐 *sigh* 

I do love you.   I had loved you at your worst and i had loved you at your best. Even if you say time and time again that you’re not worth it, I still love you anyway. Treasure these words now or forget them, it doesn’t matter. I may say them again or I may choose not to… but right now, this is how i feel — these are the words i want to tell you but end up not saying when I’m with you.

Thank you… for all the memories…