Unrequited. (post valentine message)

by Klairewind

There are a lot of things i want to write down… but end up not writing them at all. 

So many things i want to tell you, but end up not telling you because i promised that i will not keep an awkward air around you. i value your feelings more than i value mine for you and it’s also because i want to keep things simple rather than make them all complicated. (and i know i had been doing such mistakes from time to time. sorry.)

 In the end, I’m nothing more than just a fool. But I’m still the “happy fool”. I may not be happy all the time though, but i look at the good memories instead of the bad ones, i’d like to see them in a shade of white rather than having to see them in a shade of grey or black — because that’s how i am, that is how i love.  I know i’m not even perfect, but when i do love, i give it my all and i rather choose that person’s happiness over my own. 

“And don’t forget… I’m also just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.”

(What i would like to say to you but rather not, because i know you’d either take it too seriously and take flight or just frown upon me again and shun the whole idea completely.)

Seriously, what’s with me and unrequited love? 😐 *sigh* 

I do love you.   I had loved you at your worst and i had loved you at your best. Even if you say time and time again that you’re not worth it, I still love you anyway. Treasure these words now or forget them, it doesn’t matter. I may say them again or I may choose not to… but right now, this is how i feel — these are the words i want to tell you but end up not saying when I’m with you.

Thank you… for all the memories…