random words, random thoughts, random feelings

by Klairewind

i miss u, i miss talking to you.

i miss the sound of your voice, ur laughter..

i miss how we used to talk on the phone for long hours about something, nothing or anything at all.

i miss the times where we would just drive around in ur car, getting nowhere, ending up somewhere, singing along through ur playlist.. i even miss hearing u sing like ur just reciting the words & not singing at all.

remember the few times we’d watch television or go on a movie date? yeah.. those were fun times… i remember u used to hold on to me like a little girl when we were watching a horror flick, that was kinda cute.

i miss the times when u would walk me home & steal a few kisses on a dark alley. i always end up speechles.

…. .. .. …..

i could go on and on… like how i miss cuddling and tickling u while secretly smelling ur neck when i hug u.. how i..

….i cant go on feeling this nostalgia though. it’s actually sad u don’t seem to care anymore.