Dawn of the Ages

by Klairewind

I’ve been researching and watching lots of videos on youtube ever since I heard that weird humming in the sky the other day. Here’s one documentary that blew my mind, at least now i do think i’m not crazy for having some weird thoughts about things being interconnected, being here and not being here at the same time, and yes thus an explanation to my sites title: Unparalleled Parallel Worlds Collide – sometimes, things aren’t what they seem.

Warning: this is not for the faint of heart or for those who are not willing to risk having their long term beliefs shattered. The themes on the following videos had been circulating the world for a long time now but where probably just dismissed by the public due to the lies  facts that had been presented to them since childhood. if you’re brave enough to think freely, go ahead and watch with an open heart and with an open mind.



Videos courtesy of  KilluminatiTheMovie  from youtube 🙂