Path of The Wyrd – Chapter Three: I hold the answers from within : The Secrets of The Priestess

by Klairewind

As the Fool journeys on along the path, he happened on a Priestess who rests in a chasm. He wonders why she was there in the first place for it was an odd place to be. The fool calls out to her, but there was no reply until silence was all they have then he heard her voice deep within his soul.

“I hold the secrets of life.”  Says she.

“Oh? how wonderful! Will you by chance, pray thee dear Priestess, tell me what these secrets may be?” Shouts the Fool down to the chasm.


“What on earth are you talking about?”

 “The silence of your thoughts holds the key. Only by listening to the silence shall you discover what it is you are set out to do.”

The Fool scratches his head for he thinks the words were merely a riddle that’s impossible to decipher.  

“I still cannot comprehend, my dear Priestess, can you give me a hint as to how I must discover these secrets that you preach?”

“Follow the way to within. The secret is only told when you journey beyond the limits of what you know. For when in doubt to what you seek, trust nothing but the voice within and the secrets shall flow like an unending spring….”

And so the Fool ponders on her last words and need not ask more, for his limited scope of reality is still not enough for him to comprehend the words. 

“With this, I take what you say to heart and pray the day that I will be able to understand your wisdom, my dear Priestess; and until that day I shall not rest but wander on to seek what is right for me.”


And so the Fool walks away from the chasm with a new goal and a new path before him.