The Fifrildi Edda (part4)


She walks… Barefoot on the ashen ground.. Far, far away..

With a worn out heart and spirit she wanders aimlessly, dragging her feet to where her whim carries her. Not a single destiny in mind.

 It has been a long day and the barren land stretches out in front of  her, not a single soul in sight.. not even a tiny morsel of hope in where she could stay for a while as the darkness fast approaches, sending a tingly breeze down her spine.

The sand feels dank and gritty beneath her feet despite the arid facade in which she threads upon…  she stumbles upon the hem of her dress and falls face down on the soft ground. She clutches her hand on the cold sand, chin rising up slowly as she struggles to get a hold of herself.. 

She then marvels on the sight that lay out in front of her.. As the ebony clouds parted half way letting a fraction of light shine through, the ground begins to shimmer and hum. Squinting and rubbing her eyes, she could not believe that the ashen ground has turned into silver!  

Sparkling ….



GAHHHHHHH >_> patalo naman tong si mudak nasira diskarte ko sa pagsusulat at nawala na yung train of thought ko 😐 makatulog na nga!

(pardon the sentence construction and flow of thought, nagdedeliryo ako habang sinusulat ko to dahil nilalagnat ako ng bongga ngayon @_@)