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1408 – a prelude

This is not a movie review post but rather I’d be talking about something similar about the movie.

A few days ago I was walking by the local market where fresh produce  and the local hawkers would display their goods for sale. I was just supposed to buy some ingredients for the next day’s meal when I spotted boxes full of original dvds being sold for only Php25 each. I eagerly scanned through the boxes of dvds all lined up in cardboard boxes on the pavement and the lady selling them was helpful enough to toss me some of the other dvds at the back. One item caught my eye and so I reached out to grab the dvd and eyed it carefully. It was a psychological horror by Stephen King titled “1408” directed by  Mikael Håfström and stars John Cusack, Samuel L. Jackson and other renowned actors and actresses. I thought it was interesting since I like “watching” Stephen King novels  as opposed to reading them since sometimes my thoughts get jumbled by his play and choice of words (I just don’t get along with them I guess. XD) so I went ahead and bought the copy. The synopsis on the cover of the dvd box intrigued me since the protagonist was an author who was into investigating haunted places and compiling his experiences into books but the ironic part was he never got to experience any hauntings and sightings of the other side in his career as a  “supposedly” paranormal investigator.

So I watched. I really liked how the story played out unexpectedly. But what really struck me was the message I got at the end of the video: the captured EVP recording of the protagonist’s daughter.

What about it?

A week ago I had my first group seance complete with a recorder to capture some EVPs. It was a very personal experience since a very good friend of ours died just a few months ago and my friend and I had been getting “hints” that she was trying to make contact with us. In my friend’s case, he kept seeing the famous Abbey Road poster by the Beatles and eventually ended up buying a copy of Across the Universe (a very great movie by the way :3) and then little did he knew that our late friend was a huge Beatles fan until he confirmed it with another dear friend. For me it was different since I kept hearing the Carpenter’s song “Calling occupants of interplanetary craft”‘s chorus over and over in my head (and I never heard the song played on the radio in ages too. If you’re not familiar with the song, here’s a link to a video on YouTube: Carpenter’s – Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft .) and all I knew about the song was the chorus which tells about “aliens” trying to make contact with earth. After sometime my friend decided that we should hold a seance since our dear late friend was insistently trying to get our attention. So we have the date, time and place scheduled and invited other close friends of hers to join us.

Our dear friend always loved all things paranormal and bizarre and I guess, since her passing, now she has first hand experience of how things are at the other side which intrigued her greatly when she was still present on this plane. The thought of bringing a recorder to the seance crossed my mind since I knew that if she were alive, she would love to hear what the other side has to say and what’s a good proof than to actually catch disembodied voices on a recorder. :))

Unfortunately, only 4 of us showed up since the others where too scared about the idea. We held the seance at peace in a small private area provided by one of her dearest friends somewhere in Manila. I’d get into more details but that would be for another post :)) but right after the seance, I realized that me bringing the recorder had another purpose. One, perhaps she’d like to share her message to the others who were not present at that time and two, to encourage us to follow and pursue our paths and be an inspiration to those that she could reach out to even though she may no longer be in this plane. A “living” proof that life doesn’t end after this plane that we are in at the this given moment and yet we should always remember to live our lives to the fullest.

And now, I am left to the task of actually enhancing the audio file of the seance and transcribing it so that I could share it with friends and a few other readers. The movie was actually a nudge for me to finish this project since I had neglected doing it for a week now. (Haha so sorry >_<) Currently, I’m done with almost half of enhancing the audio file and I have little knowledge about how the program works and how to tweak sounds so I hope it pans out well enough for people to understand :)) I’d be posting the transcript and the audio file on a separate blog post and it will be set into a PRIVATE post since it’s really not intended for the general public to view since it’s very personal and I don’t want some skeptic going over to debunking my material when that isn’t really the purpose of the recording. But, in case you’re interested, I could provide you with the password as long as you keep this to yourself or to a few people who would appreciate loving messages from beyond the grave. :)) Just hit me up on Facebook or send me an email at aimee.ting@gmail.com


Now… back to work. >_>



L A D L A D : The Big Reveal

It’s been a month since I’ve moved away from home. I had no regrets leaving. I couldn’t really say it was an easy thing to do but it wasn’t hard either. Actually, my move was long overdue since I’ve been “told” that I should have moved away years ago. I guess back then I was just reluctant since my old programming was still getting the best of me. I was too afraid to leave because my head was plagued with fears of “What would my family say?”, “What would other people say?” I tried my best to understand first why I should be moving out in the first place before I regret that big decision for the rest of my life.

Being raised in a traditional Asian-Filipino setting, my parents used to tell me that the only time I would be moving out of the house will be because of either two things: one, because I’m getting married or two, because I need to work overseas or somewhere far from home. I never did like that idea since I find it stifling because I’ve already given up on the thought of getting married and I have no plans of settling overseas for work.

So why did I leave home? To be honest, I have a long list as to why I left. I don’t want to sound like an ungrateful bitch but as much as I tried to get along with my family, I wasn’t really happy.

When I started out discovering my inner self 5 years ago I thought I’d probably end up living like a nun. From Meditation to discovering Kundalini awakening and honing my “sixth sense”, I was unexpectedly plagued with instructions/insights from meditation of doing away with old habits, deprogramming myself from the things that no longer serve any purpose in my life. At first I didn’t understand why it had to be done, after all I thought having to drink and smoke occasionally was practically a normal thing to do especially during parties and having an “organized chaos” in my room wasn’t such a bad thing since I still know where to get my stuff amidst the clutter. Who would have thought that those simple nuances could do so much damage in one’s life?

It wasn’t easy, really. I cried over giving up a lot of things that I grew up doing at first but then somehow I understood why so letting go of these old habits wasn’t as painful as it was before. Deprogramming was another issue to tackle with but thankfully I had a little nudge of how to overcome issues as I progressed with having to meditate regularly and being sensitive to gentle “precognitive” nudges. Most of the time I had to battle with shadows of my past until I discovered that it’s actually better to understand those shadows and embrace them than to fight them off because we cannot reject that part of ourselves at all since that was how we came to be at this present moment.

I was then introduced to being sensitive to energy systems. Everything around us has energy. Even inanimate objects have energies formed by the thoughts and emotions of the living things and memories present around that object or even a location. We are made of energy and our bodies have energy systems (chakras) that govern how we react to the things around us all the time. It is a primal force that affects how living things and non living things interact with each other. Our thoughts and emotions are energies and when they are strong enough they manifest into our wills affecting how we perceive ourselves and how we perceive those outside ourselves. In the same way, when an object or a location accumulates so much memory like old churches who are a witness to the comings and goings of the locals’ turmoil during war, the people’s clamor for unanswered prayers and the blessings of peace during silent times could affect how people feel and react when they’re in that certain area. Even houses and homes hold the accumulated energy of its inhabitants that could either make their guests cringe or feel at home depending on what has been taking place and even affect how the inhabitants feel and think. What they say about Asian Medicine is really true though, what we feel and think affects our health. This is how I understood why de-cluttering and deprogramming was a necessary process in order to live a happy and healthier life. How I organize myself physically along with my immediate space reflects to how I organize my own life. When my room was full of clutter and disorganized, so too was my life. I had no set goals for the future because like my room, I can’t see where everything else was and nothing made sense. When my diet was filled with junk food and artificial flavorings so too was my attitude towards life and things around me. I was too sluggish that I’d rather just sit in front of the computer or the television and feed myself with the unnecessary drama of the world and just go along with everything whilst ditching reason and having to inculcate what everyone else was doing with my own values. Being with the wrong crowd with mediocre ideals, afraid of taking the next step to free ourselves of boredom and having to hate everything with what’s wrong with the rest of the world and not seeing that there’s something else out there that would make us feel that life’s more interesting and worth living other than trivial short lived goals and promises to ourselves. When I was put on that uncomfortable spot of shedding away all of these nuances that I finally understood that everything must be aligned: body, mind and spirit, one cannot be without the other. A holistic balance must be achieved from a sound, critical yet calm mind to a healthy and strong body to courageous and robust will.


One of the first and yet crucial thing that I had to shed out from my system was drama. I’ve always been a drama queen, having to cry and be hung up on a lot of stuff even the petty ones. I thrived on seeking attention with peers and telling them how sad my life was especially my love life. Pathetic, I know. Half of the world does it, why not join in? LOL seriously, it was hip to be dramatic especially in the Filipino context since that’s how everyone can relate to each other. Another thing I gave up was watching television thus eliminating all the hyped up drama innuendos out of my system plus limiting my dose of social media interaction whenever I get online and try to at least lookup on more constructive things to learn from and bide my time with. I was fortunate enough to be able to get them out of my system with ease. I’m not saying I’ve become frigid though, it’s just that most of the time it’s actually better to set the drama aside since unnecessary feelings cloud up our brains and then we tend to forgo critical reasoning in order to sort out issues with ourselves. Regrettably though, along with this I had to shed out half of my friends. No, I didn’t ditch them. They were actually critically “removed” from me in various ways from getting into unnecessary irrational-friendship-over-dramas where the other party just burst into hatred over whatever issues they have with me when I was just stating the facts (or so I thought, I’ve got witnesses to back me up on those occurrences and they’d also tell you that most of the drama were nothing but absurdities LOL) to just losing touch with them. It was a necessary but lonely step I had to take since being around them wasn’t helping me at all. I cannot keep on being in the company of people whose life values I do not emulate, it disrupts my energy and I fear that I’m not strong enough as of the moment not to fall back on my old habits and the values I’ve left behind. I love them, but as of the moment I was placed to be with people who would most likely inspire me to be a better version of who I was before. I still talk to them and try to catch up with them from time to time but I know our paths have already deviated and things aren’t really the same as they were. Coincidentally, when I was removed from these people, opportunities started to come in. A friend offered me a job as a research assistant, though I don’t think I had enough qualifications for the job, and eventually I even got hired at the Asian Institute of Management as a transcriber for their research group. I even got referrals from other people too. I could hardly believe it myself but I guess the saying is true: “Good things happen when we distance ourselves from the negative.”


As I was progressing with having to change myself from the inside, I was also instructed to change myself on the outside. No, it’s not really about being vain but it’s more of a health issue. Emerging into beauty was a side effect though, LOL J I had to work out often and eat healthier in order to progress further. I learned how to prepare and cook my meals properly that in the process I had become detested with eating out in fast food chains and restaurants since I’ve learned the value of being able to put all that loving effort in taking in a nourishing and nurturing meal. As a result, I lost weight, gained a lean body, the bloated feeling went away and the inflammations in my body were gone. Having a healthy body helped prepare me to incur more positive energies into my system thus helping me to achieve what I’m being set out to do or face a challenge head on. I realize that having a nourishing diet was crucial since it really does affect how I feel and think at any given moment so if I fill myself with junk, I’d feel miserable for the rest of the week and risk falling back to old habits as well.


Little did I know that everything that I’ve been doing so far was actually preparing me to come into terms with my inner persona which was something I imagined I’d probably be but never thought about it deeply since for a time, I thought it was just a phase in my teen years. And so one of the surprising things I have to accept was I was probably born to be a Witch and being one isn’t all the same with what you see on television. I’ve come to understand that the term “Witch” refers to a wise woman being in control of her own mind, body and spirit. He or she may implore the aid of forces, “beings” if you will as it is to some, both seen and unseen in order to better her/his situation but they do not regard them as forces to be scared of or forces to be worshipped because a Witch understands that these forces are archetypes of the energies they seek at that given place or time. It is about being in harmony with ourselves and with everything around us. We learn how to shift the balance of energies to let things work with us in synchronicity and when things are inevitable to happen despite everything, we learn to understand the “why” instead of resigning to a reason of fate. We learn the secrets of the world and use the knowledge to our caution. We embrace both the good and the bad because nothing can exist without the other, suppressing the bad only breeds much more insolence to our inner selves as well as to others. It is a way of life in which we see and feel the energies around us and being mindful of everything we think and do likewise we understand that all beings, magickal or not, must coexist and be regarded with respect. Also, I believe that the heart of being a true Witch lies in being a seeker of truth – the truth that no one can consider as false as it because it is our personal truth. It isn’t a “truth” passed down by tradition, faith, or “enlightened individuals” and “holy men” – it a truth that readily comes to us once we break free from the burgeoning conditioning of social structure and culture. It is the truth that does not chain us to prescribed dogma, but rather, sets us free.

I grew up with a Catholic background but never really felt that I fit in. In truth, even as a child my body would automatically shut down throughout the whole homily while hearing mass and it still rings true up to this day. :)) I do not find sermons uplifting but rather belittling of what the human mind can achieve whilst indoctrinating us that we are nothing more than sorry little worms and we need to be sorry of everything we do in our life because it displeases a higher being who can never be satisfied of who we are and yet he loves us. ⌐_⌐ I could never understand that irony at least for a time, I pretended I did but never really come into terms with that drama. And when I reached my teens, I used to try and practice Wicca since I was already looking for some alternative paths of spirituality. This longing or search also came about because of an incident where I got really sick and was close to death’s grip. That incident resulted in my questioning of currently held beliefs. Back then, it felt so alien to me since my first introduction to that path was to follow the Gardnerian and Alexandrian systems of Wicca. Nothing seemed to make so much sense since most of the text written about the Sabbaths and Esbats, concoctions, and gemstones were developed using a European concept and here I am living in the Philippines and things are different around the Southeast Asian region since we don’t have four seasons to deal with and half of the magickal recipes are inaccessible unless you order them online or go to specialty shops and pay hundreds of pesos :)) So I abandoned it and told myself that “Maybe I’m not cut out to be a Witch.”

And yet it haunted me. I never stopped exploring that possibility as I was “taught” by a higher power on how to decipher and understand dreams, how to understand the vibration of numbers until eventually one of my bestfriends gifted me with a tarot deck that honed my skills of insight and foresight. I was branded a psychic by most peers and was adamant about accepting it thinking that everybody is else is a psychic too if they want to be. Until one day, after much of the deprogramming has been dealt with in my life, I came across that path again with a certain somebody who I never second guessed would be into such things. Together, we helped each other discover other aspects such as our own spell works (and they do work, mind you 😉 ), finding energy sites, communicating with spirits from other realms, unexpectedly having a familiar chose us (I beautiful white adder came to me one night and chose me to be a companion), being gifted with a dragon companion by the unseen, discovering archetype energies, coming across other people who also practice the craft and many more. In a span of 2 years, my experiences were so rich that I thought I was living out of a fairytale since I’ve been dealing with a lot of forces unseen and things you would just normally see on television or the movies. I know I was not delusional nor was my friend because when we started to doubt, the answers would come up at us from reputable sources.

Despite all these, only a few people know about these musings. We remain solitary Witches and felt that there was no need for a coven to validate our experiences since each experience is unique from the other. I did not write down these things here for show or to gain approval but because I found it fitting and I was “instructed” to convey them despite my wanting to keep everything a secret from the majority. For what purpose, I don’t know. Only a few of my kin know of this as well but not my immediate family because I know they’ll never understand and would probably put me in an asylum. :)) Although, they do know that I could talk to the dead and that’s about it. Most of the time they just stare at me blankly when I try to tell them about these things so I don’t really know what goes on in their minds, either they’re afraid or don’t believe me, I really don’t know. I know they will never come to accept me for this since it goes against everything they believe in. These experiences helped me understand my own potentials as a person and coming into terms with the thought of “Everything has Magick… if only they know where to look.”

I know it was inevitable for my parents to find out about me not practicing my Catholic catechisms and one day, during a planned day out, my mom asked me if I was still Catholic. I outright told her that I wasn’t one anymore and that I know there’s something out there but it need not be labeled or worshipped as a god or deity. Of course it was disappointing for them and I couldn’t really care less because that moment was overdue to happen and I just had to face the inevitable. Though that was only the first step, I never told them about me being a solitary witch since I don’t know how they would take it. If they’re reading this now then, surprise, surprise. Still, I won’t be going back to what has passed because now I’ve discovered my personal truth.


So why did I leave? What was the big reveal? It is this: Who I am isn’t good enough to the family and for “show” and should be tucked away in the cupboard under the stairs “where it belongs”. It was the Lenten season, during Holy Week, when my dad told me to join the family for the “family tradition” of doing the Stations of the Cross. It was a practice that I’ve known since childhood. It wasn’t that a big deal then in the sense that we don’t make much of a production of it since it really is supposed to be a time for introspection and not for photo – op. The only difference now is that we had our relatives joining us. I told my dad that I will join them but since the practice doesn’t resonate with my beliefs I would just sit on the pews to quietly meditate and take in any life energy to replenish myself in the churches that we’d be going to. I made it clear that I will not be participating, and I did so respectfully. I had no intention of imposing my beliefs on them so I opted to sit while they went about doing their thing. I thought that it would be alright since we would still be a family going to an activity of introspection and inward contemplation. But I was disappointed with my dad’s take on this idea. He told me flat out that practicing my beliefs is just unacceptable and being who I really am in their presence and in the presence of our relatives (that he wanted to impress) is a sign of disrespect to them. And to add insult to injury, my dad offered a “compromise solution” where I could do my thing when nobody else was looking. That way, I wouldn’t be offensive to them – the friends and relatives that he wanted to impress. Also, I had to fake praying and doing the station of the cross while with them for the sake of show. I don’t know about you but it sounded more of a “compromised solution” to me. I take my belief system seriously. That is my value.
(It may sound petty to others but then again, everybody has witnessed how people go through great lengths defending and standing for what they believe in, resulting in most of the world wars, right?). I haven’t gone home since that incident. I’m already tired from years of having to set myself aside just to compromise. I’ve already been in a lot of compromised situations with my family and most of my close relatives and friends know about this. It was time I put my foot down on that and learned to say that enough was enough. Also, it has come to the point where home doesn’t feel like home anymore since it cannot nurture what I had been building up for myself in these past years. My energy system is no longer compatible with the people, the house and the value systems that they had been living with. Our house is actually a mess, full of accumulated junk that, godknows, I don’t really understand why they still hold on to them when they could just give them to the needy or sell them to a junk store. No one wants to use these at home anyway. Plus, these have been accumulating dirt and have been steadily breaking down through the years. If these had any residual value once they certainly do not have any left now. (Landfill anyone?) I won’t even start on the months old meat in the fridge starting to graze on the evolving, sprouting vegetation in the crisper section. All that eyesore clutter and wasted food don’t make a restful, healthy, nurturing place to stay in. I don’t feel nurtured physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually whenever I’m in that house and when I’m with my family. Throughout my life, I seldom feel that loving support parents give their children; they’d only give that to me under the condition that I do what they want me to do. When I entered college, I wasn’t allowed to take the course and school of choice that I wanted. Eventually, I lost the zeal to continue my studies and I dropped-out. When I wanted to make my life a little worthwhile after quitting school, I tried to apply for a job but my parents gave me the “long talk of disapproval” making me feel like I was just up to no good. Like, any good parent, I know they only wanted what was best for me but still, my mind and my heart’s telling me “That this is my life, let me live and discover things for myself. I’m not inept.” I ventured into a lot of micro-businesses and was either met with a nonchalant shrug from my dad or a running foul mouthed tirade of criticism from my mom (especially when we tried to run a BBQ stand – which made good money by the way. That episode was a nasty bit of business since while doing the daily chores of marketing cleaning, cooking, selling, and accounting, she’d always – try morning, noon, and night, 24/7 – let me know how displeased she was with what I was doing and yet, ironically, tried to tell the neighbors that they should definitely try out the food. O_o) At that time I was also taking care of my bedridden grandmother and personally decided to “humbly” take on that role for around six years which, unfortunately, also wasted away most of my work opportunities. I don’t regret taking care of her though since I’ve learned how to practice kindness to those who cannot do anything for you. But it does burn me up that while I try to start a microbusiness for myself and at the same time take on the duty of caregiving while the rest of the family could have their own free time I am still continuously branded a selfish person. The list could actually go on but I don’t want this to sound like a hate post since I just wanted to state out what I’ve been through. Don’t get me wrong though, I DO LOVE my family despite our differences but it really isn’t working for me anymore. I don’t know about the others out there but I can only take so much. (They can take my place if they want to. I’m more than willing to award them the coveted position.) I was going nowhere fast. I realized that in order to continue strengthening what I’ve been building around myself I eventually had to stay away from them. As much as they say they try to understand and respect me, they still make me come back to their ways and habits. I already know that they cannot understand my path since it’s not theirs to tread anyway, but what I find really disappointing is they are more afraid of getting disapproval from their peers than understanding and accepting me for who I am, their own daughter. I do not feel that I am welcome to be my true self so I find that there can be no other way than to free myself from all of this and learn to FINALLY take my own needs into accord first so I could take care of my health and sanity a lot better. I’m already in my 30s and I’m old enough to know what I should allow to continue in my life and discard the things that no longer serve. It’s time I live out who I really am: I am a being of Magick, a Witch, a Wise Woman, I am destined to be great and I’m not afraid to live my life as I see fit.

Oh, by the way. I am not seeking approval and acceptance from the moral majority. I do not want to buy my way into Heaven, I don’t believe in it anyway.



Ang Kulto ni Batman


disclaimer: pictures posted here are not of my own creation or ideas. you can click on the pictures and see where they came from 😛

(This post is loooong overdue and was saved in my drafts for over 3 years, I guess now is the time to make this public 😀 )

Most of you would find this first picture blasphemous. but before you react, let me give you some ideas that would make your head spin 360 degrees.

Sa inaraw-araw na ginawa ng Diyos, sinong pilipino ang hindi nagsasabing “Bahala na si Batman?” Mula sa kaliit liit na desisyon katulad ng pag plano ng lakwatsa hanggat sa malaking desisyon tulad ng paghanap ng trabaho at pagkuha ng mga exams ng mga estudyante at pagtaya sa sugal eh nakakabit ang katagang yan sa mga bibig ng pilipino. ops ops, wag mag malinis… ‘Wag mong sasabihin ni isang beses sa buhay mo bilang Pilipino eh hindi mo nabanggit yan? :))

Naglalaro sa isip ko palagi kung san nanggaling ang mga katagang “bahala na si batman”. ayun sa nakalap kong research, ang salitang “bahala na” ay nagmula sa “BATHALA NA” na ang ibig sabihin ay “si Bathala na ang bahala”. Eto ang mga katagang lagi nating nababanggit kapag tayo at napepressure,  kapag nagawa na natin ang lahat ng ating makakaya to the best of our abilities pero inde tayo ganun ka satisfied o kabilib sa mga naging resulta. Minsan nababanggit din ang mga katagang ito out of “fearless abandon” to what ever things that may still come your way unexpectedly.

Pero…. baket maraming sumasampalataya kay batman? At paano naikabit ang pangalan ni batman sa mga katagang “bahala na”? Ihihimay-ihimay ko ang mga haka-haka kong naiisip na dahilan kung baket bukod tangi si batman ang nagiging biktima para pag-iwanan ng mga problema ng sandamakmak na Pilipino:

Unang-una: Isang kataga mula sa wikipedia tungkol keh Batman:

Unlike most superheroes, he does not possess any superpowers; he makes use of intellect, detective skills, science and technology, wealth, physical prowess, martial arts skills, an indomitable will and intimidation in his continuous war on crime.” dahil tao lang din si batman at nagagawa nya ang ipagtanggol ang mga naapi sa sarili nyang kakayahan, madami sigurong napapag isip na kaya din nila gawin yun. nagkakaroon tayo ng katiting na inspirasyon na pwede din tayong maging tulad ni Batman na ginagamit lahat ng maaring magamit na paraan para umasenso o malampasan ang bawat pagsubok natin sa buhay. Ngunit hindi naman lahat ng tao eh kasing talino, marnunong mag martial arts, may common sense,  at may yaman ni Bruce Wayne a.k.a Batman. Masyadong IMBA si batman sa mga ganyang aspeto kung kaya maaring madaming nag sasabing “sige na, ikaw na talaga!”

Pangalawa: “Batman makes it seem like fighting crime is as easy as a finger snap” More often than not, when we are presented with a challenge we tend to say “Ah! Madali lang yan! Yakang-yaka ko yan!” We tend to overlook details and miss the bigger picture or see the bigger picture and overlook the small details so when worse comes to worst, we give up trying or we tried but felt it wasn’t good enough because we thought it was easier done than said.  again, when we get fed up with all the pressure we just say “BAHALA NA SI BATMAN!!!”

Pangatlo: “A name that’s more tangible to be an escape goat but doesn’t sound to be as blasphemous” Minsan mas madaling sabihin na bahala na si Batman kesa bahala na si Lord maslalo na kapag may ginagawa kang kabalastugan. Ika-nga , ‘di ba, “Do not take the Lord’s name in vain.”

Pero dahil kung minsan nasasapian tayo ng espiritu ni Juan Tamad, ipinapasa natin keh Batman ang lahat. Nawawalan tayo ng control sa ating mga pansariling desisyon at diskarte sa ating mga pang araw-araw na gawain sa buhay kung kaya’t maya’t-maya eh maraming nakikisapi sa kulto ni Batman para mapadali ang buhay nila. Batman is then elevated into “God Status” dahil siya ang sagot sa lahat ng problema. Si Batman at si Batman lang ang salbasyon sa lahat ng kapalpakan at kabalbalan na hindi natin kayang akuin ng buong buo at masasandalan sa oras ng pangangailangan ng lakas ng loob at tiwala sa sarili. Kung tutal naman eh hindi naman siguro makakaangal si Batman kasi kahit mayaman si Batman eh wala naman siyang teleporter and, when all else fails, madali sisihin si Batman kasi wala siyang supersonic hearing para irescue tayong mga Pilipino sa mga katangahan na pinag-iwanan natin sa kanya at kesa sisihin natin ang ating sarili eh di “BAHALA NALANG SI BATMAN”, ‘di ba? :))

Chapter 1 Part 1: Pahiwatig (Inkling)


It’s been a few years now since I’ve written anything in here about what has been happening on my spiritual journey. In the past 3 years, there had been so much experiences that i’ve literally lost count and lost sight of them from time to time because they’ve been occurring all too often thus taking away the wonder and the novelty of the experience.

But then again, yesterday I was “instructed” to write again. For what purpose, I don’t really know just yet. I was just told to write all of my experiences down.

It not really as easy as it’s supposed to be since I have to recall everything as detailed as possible and sometimes… I’m not really good at remembering details. -___-

I guess I need to do a recap first. I don’t even know who’s viewing or who’s going to view my posts in the future but I guess that doesn’t really matter much anymore. Maybe the Fates would handle whatever it is as long as I write what I needed to write. Right?


Let’s start with a little recent topic I had a week ago. My parents finally put up my most avoided question:

“Am I still Catholic?”


Given that I was born and raised as a Catholic, my family and relatives are very much devout themselves. But somehow, most of it didn’t ever made sense to me. There’s nothing much wrong with it, I guess. But then again, I never did like how things were set up like: God loves you but He’ll condemn you to hell fire if you do something that would displease Him. I just couldn’t understand why they’ll have to put so much guilt and shame on you if you somehow have different ideas and beliefs of things. I don’t like ever have to live with so much unnecessary guilt and people telling me how to live my life when they’re not even willing to listen or see how you want to live yours. It’s none of their business to begin with, IMHOP.

At first I just allowed myself to be strung along and see where it goes. But there’s always this niggling feeling that pulls at me, telling me that things are not what they seem. Ever since I was a kid, I was always fascinated with the unknown. I loved listening to urban tales about the undead/aswangs and tales about vengeful spirits that reside in abandoned homes. Back then, I never gave much thought that I’d probably take them seriously in my adult life and wouldn’t want much to do with them since they scared me so much as they keep me hung up with wanting to really experience them first hand.

After my near death experience during my teens (I had dengue fever on stage 3 which I miraculously survived), I started having experiences that do not fit the “Catholic Mold”. Things like communing with the dead, having my first out of the body experience, seeing nature spirits and alike, interpreting dreams for friends and I somehow learned how to give readings with cards. I started doing readings with ordinary playing cards until a friend gave me a tarot deck as a gift. Back then, I was basing some of the numerology vibrations along with the ordinary cards but somehow I know that there’s just this feeling or voice inside my head telling me what to say and how to say them. When I started with my tarot deck, the voice grew louder until I had learned to have  “doubt-trust” issues with myself whenever I give readings. :))

Since I was in a charismatic group for teens back then, I’ve also been exposed to those “spiritual battle” stuff like having to exorcise demonic entities from afflicted friends during prayer sessions and having to sense these presence even before they attack. I was afraid and elated at the same time whenever I had these experiences and it also led me to question my own beliefs and what’s really on the other side. Is it all just black and white? Are the things that we cannot understand had to be labeled as something as simple as:


Back in high school and early college, I had this one high school classmate who always talked to me about how flawed the bible was and how things we’re messed up and how it had so much loop holes and stuff. He was even called a satanist by another friend of mine since she saw him reading Alister Crowely’s works :)) But he wasn’t really a satanist, I think? At that time I really couldn’t understand why he was talking to me about stuff but I guess somewhere along the line, it opened a door for me to explore other possibilities from the other side.

During my college years, I began to seek answers to my questions. I’ve developed another skilled called “automatic writing” which I still doubt if it’s really true or maybe I had a split personality kind of thing going on. :)) Then I came upon this book in my college library called “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsch. The title is a bit misleading though since it doesn’t really talk about Jesus and bible stuff but a lot of other things NOT related to RELIGION and, what do you know? This guy wrote everything down through automatic writing! I was really wondering how it ended up being there because my school was ran by Benedictine monks :)) I read all three books and of course, my thirst for getting more information only deepened.  I began having the same automatic writing experiences that the author had experienced and kept a journal of it whenever I’m being called to “write”. It’s this tingling sensation in your hand and the words just flow out as you write them down, not even thinking if everything ever made sense as you wrote them down on paper. All of these information come flowing in freely whenever I just quiet down and jot them down.

Then came weird dreams where I thought were real. I’ve kept a journal of these dreams for 4 years and I’ve noticed that these weird dreams mostly surfaced during the middle of the year. I felt that these dreams where memories from my past lives. There was one where I was in a pyramid and we were keeping scrolls down there for safe keeping. There was also one where I was a knight in search for a lost king to revive a dying city. And one where I was a sorceress who bade goodbye to her lover who was off to a war in which he may never come back from. And a lot more, actually. Some I’ve even written down in this blog years ago. My fascination with past lives grew and until one time I’ve even met a college professor of mine who was writing a book about past lives and tried to have a consultation with him if he could “read” through my past with the help of his spirit guides. Until now I’m still wondering about what he meant by “You didn’t really die in your last life, you just ‘passed’ on.” It could actually mean a lot of things like maybe going on into another life time as souls do or really not dying and really just moving from one body to another? LOL! I’m really not sure. There was another session with this said professor but I guess that will be written on another post.

My repertoire with the occult grew as time went by. My fear of being discovered by my family also grew along side it. But I told my dad a few tales of my adventures from time to time since he somehow keeps an open mind about these things but doesn’t really want to get involve in them. There was even one time that a friend of mine recommended me to do an interview for a TV show on channel 9 called “K na Tayo” in which their topic for discussion was about the “Inner Mind”. The segment for that show was also done along side Mr. Jaime Licauco’s insight about the topic.  I actually didn’t want to go through with the interview but my friend insisted since she said they couldn’t get any “Psychic” to do an interview for them.

“Me, a psychic?” I couldn’t really believe i’d be labeled as such but there it was on television when they aired my interview. At that point in time, I never gave much thought about going deep into the occult since I felt it was nothing but a novelty for me. A few special “powers” to make me feel unique and special and somehow I felt kind of “untouchable” in a sense.

Was it really something special that only a few people could have? No, I guess not.  It’s only a matter of heeding that voice inside you. Everybody has the power to tap into this Source of “Divine” Information. It is a part of us and it not something only the “chosen ones” have because there is no such thing as “chosen ones”, it’s only the people who are stubborn enough not to listen and continue feeling disconnected from themselves as they keep themselves separated from the Divine.


So much more to write but as of now, I guess I should stop since I need to collate and organize my thoughts. 🙂

Monsters out of the closet and on the roll

No, they aren’t related to skeletons in the closet. They’re actually real. They be like people — a pack mentality kind of thing.

Well sometimes they do hide in their little cubby-holes and do what they’re really good at:

  • berating people and reducing them into itty-bitty-specks of nothingness (they’re really good at those spills like “you don’t have an ounce of shame on you! How dare you talk back at me?” and all those other things that would make you feel insignificant);
    • sit in front of the TV for countless of hours with the volume turned up so loud while even having their little technology devices on hand (which makes watching TV AND having a tablet/laptop on hand as a special skill), talk about nonsensical stuff they see on television that isn’t even relevant to their everyday living and probably punch in a good drama kick (oh the typical scripts on soaps like an illogical flow of crying over something that isn’t important, spewing insults, minding other peoples’ businesses like control freaks and getting upset over them because they don’t meet their expectations, etc.) on somebody unsuspecting;
    • indulgently devouring away unhealthy snacks like it’s a normal thing to do (not to mention doing this EVERYDAY);
    • hates authority/hates the world/hates almost everybody but then promotes peace through words and scriptures but never really in deeds or acts of kindness (it’s a little bit hard to put into words, but i guess some people would understand what I mean here.) ;
    • unable to, or more accurately, not willing to cope up with changes that would help them better themselves or would help them acquire more skills and knowledge due to the mentality that they feel far more superior and important in their own little/big way (not to mention quitting a job and hoping that the company offers/owes them something big when they haven’t really proved their worth in a few months of being there, having no track record or credentials to support their claim to fame);
    • falsely saying they miss you but actually, they just want something from you and when you can’t give what they want, you are nothing to them and they wouldn’t really even bother to hang around you;
    • loathing over their body, illness, unwanted traits and pestering people about it over and over like a broken record stuck on “poor me” and making them feel responsible for them when they’re entirely not;


Oh God, there’s so much more and it’s really tiring to enumerate each and every one of their traits >_<

But the point is, each and everyone of us isn’t really perfect. BUT — yes there’s a huge BUT– there is a choice of having to be aware of what we do to ourselves and how it affects other people and really doing something about it.

I’ve been one of those monsters out of the closet and on the roll. Let me emphasize on the BEEN part though i’m still a half way to go to being totally “de-monster-ing” myself. It was a horrible thing to do to be stuck being like a lifeless blob full of drama and self made intrigue and living a life of unhealthy choices/decisions/relationships. I had BEEN looking for a way to get out of such a cycle only to find out that you just have to make a commitment to actually just change your mindset and go take the plunge:

  • decide that you don’t want to feel like shit or be treated like shit — stand up and be proud of your “bare”-self. You have every right to de-weed your life’s garden with toxic people and things. You’ll thank yourself later.
    • decide that you are finally be able to take full responsibility over your own actions/feelings AND beliefs (because it’s what you want to make of them and not what others would make you to feel/do/believe);
    • decide that you don’t let the berating bother you because you know yourself better and you are not what they claim you are (not to mention restraining the urge to engage in pointless bantering);
    • decide that you want to stay happily active: eat healthy (eating veggies isn’t that bad, it’s not like a punishment game, you just need to learn how to cook them right and tasty and you’re in for a treat! You’ll definitely won’t be craving for so much meat given the right flavors 😉 ), have a healthy discipline of daily routines (such as sleeping early and getting a good dose of sunshine early in the morning to boost those serotonin levels), exercise regularly, engage yourself wit the right people who will inspire you and not expire you;
    • decide that you have your own personal path and no doctrine/dogma/society stereotyping will dictate on how you’re supposed to live your life — your life is yours to live and not theirs so be aware of your actions and thoughts as you reap what you sow (chances are people would be mad at you but they’re secretly wishing they could do what you do);
    • decide that you should show gratitude to every single thing: be it an experience, a person, a lesson, a bad day (yes, a bad day would make you more aware of the world and yourself), a good day, etc. and really mean it from the bottom of your heart.
    • decide that you should be open to every new opportunity and experience to further your skills — upgrade yourself. Staying complacent is never a good thing because it could lead you to self-decay/degeneration. You could learn a new habit or stop a habit and that in itself becomes a new skill (if somebody criticizes you for what you do, take a step back and look at it objectively and stop being emotional about it because you might learn something new to help you be better)
    • decide that you will  never stop the search for truth — everything new turns up everyday, what might be true today may not be true tomorrow

and I guess more importantly, always be true to yourself. Listen to your inner/higher being. Do not be afraid to indulge in the quiet recesses of your inner mind. Embrace all the shadows that you have within you because they are a part of you. NEVER EVER shun them out of your mind, use them to your advantage. Being friends with your dark side has it’s own advantages 😉 You have what you need inside you for you are a divine and magickal being, claim your birthright.

P.S. I haven’t been writing in a while. A little bit busy trying to find myself and I guess the search is almost over and I’m building myself up to be a better and stronger version of myself 🙂 i guess i’ll start writing again. This time less drama, more positive stuff 😀