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The Fifrildi Edda (Part 7) In between decisions


“Have you completely lost your mind??!” Said the Caterpillar, exasperated from the thought of what She had just said.


“Maybe. Maybe I have and maybe I have not. But most probably if I did, that’s when I realized the true sense of freedom. I am not this painted portrait on the wall. I am not this sculpture set up on that pedestal. This is me. Theses images in the broken pieces I see before me is me. I am what I have created for myself be it evil or good. I am a product of these decisions that I had made for myself whether I chose to be aware of it or not. I cannot play a victim of what has transpired.”

“Then I take it that you’ve decided  the answer to this riddle?”


She then again reads the inscription on the sand “‘To take into heart what the universe has conspired, I face the precipice of fire with a shard of ice. I plant the seed of the Frozen Dream into the raging currents of time.”

She then picks up a sliver of the broken Mirror of Dreams and sets of find the tides of bevissthetsstrøm.


I haven’t decided on names yet >_> i’d probably need another dose of domestic drama to get the story out of my head :))

Slowly everything is falling into place.

Everything’s a rough sketch but the hazy lines would probably flow out more fluently after another epiphany. I wonder if i could ever get this story published though >_<


Frifrildi Eda (p6) – The Beginning, The Tempest and The Dark

“Where am I? It’s so dark… and so cold… I can’t see, my eyes hurt… my body hurts…”

She lays crumpled on the ashen floor, battered and bruised. A moment ago she was with company, people whom she hold dear. Laughing, talking, and bickering at the dinner table, enjoying their meal… And then, it all happened so suddenly, with just one swoop. All she remembered was that lightning struck and a tempest had swept her away.

“Hello? are you still alive?” cried a small trembling voice.

“Who’s there? Who are you? What are you? …..Where am I?….” 

She fumbled through the questions non-stop. Her head reeling in from the pain and heart beating fast startled by the small voice that greeted her.

“We are… i don’t know, we are nowhere… I don’t know how i got here either.. I’m just a tiny caterpillar, i’m afraid i’m unable to help you right now, but i could at least keep you company…”

The Lady in the grey dress started to weep in a bitter tone.. she was all dazed and confused of what had come past. Trying to make sense of everything, she grasped desperately for her mind to still. Weeping was all that her body could muster to cope up with the moment.

The night was silent, there was nothing to be seen, no stars shone in the sky, not even a moon to shed light. The wind breezes in with an icy chill, the little caterpillar huddled close to the crumpled lady on the floor for warmth.

“I hope you don’t mind… I am but a tiny, little thing and I could not protect myself from the cold.”

The lady just laid there almost lifeless, exhausted, asleep and without a care. A faint whimper escapes her lips, as if in pain, as she cradles her knees closer to her chest.

“I guess she must be real tired… I guess her mind and her heart is tired.. I shall keep you company for a while. Insignificant as I am, this is all I could offer.”

The night goes on. Nothing to be seen only the icy wind howling through the eves.

frifrildi eda part 5 (draft)

“What does it mean to live?” asks the caterpillar as he was hung up on the lady in grey’s shoulder, trying to inch himself inside a tear on the lady’s clothing to feel warm.

“To live… i do not know. Really. I guess to live is to feel every waking moment — the sights that awe or instill fear in your eyes; the smell that could either fill your nostrils with the sweetest scents of the most putrid and vile thing you had ever stick your nose upon; a touch that might bring about familiarity of sensations on your fingertips that may either be rough or smooth, hot or cold…. the works. things that you encounter at the present, making you realize that every move, thought and word bring about ‘a ripple in a pond that sends things in motion.’ … ” said the lady in grey.. trailing off the last words in response to the caterpillar’s question.

“Hmmm.. that sounds… i dunno? that sounds very complicated to me.” The caterpillar then puts his hands on his chins and ponders while preventing himself from shivering.

It was a long way to the cliff, the air was starting to feel damp and chilly as the waves roll and crash along the edifices of the massive boulders below.  It was her will to forget that dragged her wandering feet to this destination. Clutching the shard of mirror in hand, she didn’t realize that she was already bleeding until she felt a single drop of blood land on her feet.


and so my thought process stops here. >_> *sigh* not enough sorrow i guess?

i could only write this when i’m either deep in thought or when i feel sad about something.. on a brighter note, i guess utilizing your adversities into something productive like doing some homemade cooking or writing a story is a better thing to do than just moping around or whining about it.

i feel a lot better now i guess ( -.-)

The Fifrildi Edda (part4)


She walks… Barefoot on the ashen ground.. Far, far away..

With a worn out heart and spirit she wanders aimlessly, dragging her feet to where her whim carries her. Not a single destiny in mind.

 It has been a long day and the barren land stretches out in front of  her, not a single soul in sight.. not even a tiny morsel of hope in where she could stay for a while as the darkness fast approaches, sending a tingly breeze down her spine.

The sand feels dank and gritty beneath her feet despite the arid facade in which she threads upon…  she stumbles upon the hem of her dress and falls face down on the soft ground. She clutches her hand on the cold sand, chin rising up slowly as she struggles to get a hold of herself.. 

She then marvels on the sight that lay out in front of her.. As the ebony clouds parted half way letting a fraction of light shine through, the ground begins to shimmer and hum. Squinting and rubbing her eyes, she could not believe that the ashen ground has turned into silver!  

Sparkling ….



GAHHHHHHH >_> patalo naman tong si mudak nasira diskarte ko sa pagsusulat at nawala na yung train of thought ko 😐 makatulog na nga!

(pardon the sentence construction and flow of thought, nagdedeliryo ako habang sinusulat ko to dahil nilalagnat ako ng bongga ngayon @_@)

The Fifrildi Edda (part3)


She stands alone facing the precipice, clutching her shoulders as she watches the vast, empty and violent sea. It is midday, but the sky is overcast with the the darkest shade of ebony clouds. The wind bellowing endlessly as it tosses the waters to and fro the rocky facade in where she stands. Inching slowly to the edge of the cliff, she looks at her hand —  a sliver of the broken Mirror of Dreams. She looks at the piece intently with her sad and teary eyes… she then holds the glass over her heart and said a little prayer.  

Then, with all her might, she throws the glass  to the raging waves below…



down it goes…

She watches the mirror descend in midair, as if in slow motion.. it catches a glimpse of the faint sunlight streaming through a tiny hole in the sky before it was consumed by the deep surging turquoise waters… 

And there she still stands, ever silent,  never moving, only a deep sigh and a tear stricken face to unfurl her constricted bosom…